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    Last I reported I was having issue with my zello walkie talkie app which utilizes a wifi, cell & data signal. At that time I didn't have the data option active.. Here's the results.

    Not having the data active as of three weeks ago, my wife and I walked about the neighborhood which was no more then 30 yards.. the signal kept fading in and out to the point where there wasn't any voice communication at all. grown frustrated, I simply uninstalled the app.. but later changed my mind after realizing that IF we had turn on the Mobile data settings.. the app would have worked.. and it did.

    This morning I once again installed the zello app on my wife's LG Rebel and My Lg Rebel.. Once my wife got to work, I informed her (via text) to exit her work where as she could acquire a data signal.. 3G or 4G.. Standing outside myself.. I was able to voice chat with her for 5 mins testing the range or distance our our connection.

    At 17 miles.. I could her as if she was right beside me.. although the first test failed due to my error, the second test was a big success. In doing so I asked the wife if the test was worth it and is this app worth keeping?.. Her response: "Sure!" need I say more?..

    This broadens the outlook of our travels by allowing others who may be following close behind as to set up a private travel chat just for us and remain in contact while on the road. In my opinion, this is only the second test and there will be more.. but without a doubt.. this open the door to a new way (for us) to keep in contact with those we need and have them that at a moments notice.

    A couple of things I'll be examining while the app is active.. Main draw, data usage and power drain.. I'll report my findings once I've accumulated a few weeks of testing.
    10-04-2016 07:03 AM
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    More testing this morning.. Wife drove off to work and actually left the phone mic on as she drove to work.. Although I couldn't speak with her, I could hear her very clear as she sang to music on the radio. Data usage is normal 5 units for 5 mins of chat.

    Another test came later this morning when I text her to simply surprise me with a message using Zello.. About 11.05 am she starting speaking with Zello and while my phone was across the room sitting on a table (screen locked) but still connected to Zello, I heard her tell em she was going out for lunch today.

    What was so amazing about this.. is in the past when we tried to do this same thing except locally, the system just wasn't working.. all because I didn't have the mobile data setting on. Growing more confidant with this system of communication (similar to Boost Mobile Chirp feature) We're just about ready for a major test which would include several travelers all on the same channel/network, We've created.. all traveling or meeting up in a central location.

    Even though this app allows for voice communications.. it also have a text window if and when the voice system may be down. I'm under the opinion that, do I really need a messenger, now that I have Zello.. We'll explore this also and very soon.

    One thing one needs to get use to doing with Zello is to learn how to toggle the on/off switch and when finished speaking.. make sure you say "over" then toggle off. Otherwise leaving the mic on.. you'll never hear anything said on the other end.. Yep just like the good old fashion Walkie Talkies of yesterday year, but with a nation wide range.. and we're going to find out how far this thing will really go.

    With trips in the works.. I've asked my sister in-law to download the same app.. tune in to our travels and we're report where we are just for future references. I'm really liking this new way (to us) for speaking instantly to one another.. no more dialing the cell/smart phone if one is connected and on the same network and the device is actually on.. Bam you're in touch.

    As a side note to this.. I'm almost tempted to open another channel device to other areas of chat or even gaming.. Just make sure the smart device is connected to a power supply when doing this.

    More test yet to come.
    10-05-2016 02:09 PM

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