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    So...my old S2 had an app on it that would record missed calls to an audio file. There was a pro-version (sans ads) but the free version was adequate.

    Now that I have an S5 and an S6, I don't see anything similar. Not among the default apps, not on Playstore. There is voice mail but you have to dial a separate number, listen to the voicemails and then decide to keep or delete.

    The old S2 app stored the recording on the phone...or at least it was directly accessible from the phone.

    When I search Google play, all I see are voice to text (visual voicemail) and voice recorders. I don't really see any that automatically redirect a missed call to a recording on the phone. And I'm not sure how faithful and precise voice to text is, esp. if the caller isn't very clear or is long-winded.

    Any thoughts, suggestions or help? Plz.
    10-22-2016 05:40 PM

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