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    Men's Calendar will let users track their sex lives, keep track of the menstrual cycles of the women in their lives.

    Men's Calendar is a unique way to organize your sexual life. The app will keep a record of your sex life (activities, frequency, places, partners and safety). Many couples find it difficult to talk about sex. The app will act as the communication channel between you and your companion.

    Men's Calendar helps men track the menstrual cycles of the women in their lives. You can check on which days your woman are fertile, and you can predict when her next period will arrive based on past data. All you do is enter the last known date of her cycle and its average length, and the app will provide you with the date of your lady’s next period.

    The app lets men track cycles of multiple females, but has the additional handy feature of offering passwords for each female so that if one of them "accidentally bumps into this application and makes you enter the password--she will be the only one to appear on the list."
    You can use it even if you are married or single, man or woman, have one or more partners. The app could help men avoid unplanned pregnancies.

    • A clean and intuitive interface.
    • A simple log of your sexual activity (partners, frequency, safety, places)
    • History of past sex with details
    • Password protection (different passwords for each woman)
    • Your sexual events sorted by partner's name
    • Contact list of partners
    • Limited number of partners (unlimited with app purchase)
    • The app allows users to track the menstrual cycles of several women at once.
    Don’t underestimate just how useful this app can be! Try it!

    10-23-2016 02:52 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
    10-23-2016 11:32 AM

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