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    Hello all you fellow Google Voice users. If you're like me, then you were probably disappointed to find out that Allo didn't include any support for SMS or Google Voice. And that is disappointing. Google hasn't really done much with its Voice service - except keep stripping it out from the apps that had any functionality to support it. (I'm looking at you Hangouts!) Well, my frustration has reached a point where I'm beginning to debate whether or not Google Voice is even worth the trouble. So just like any other dilemma, let's start with a list of Pro's and Con's...

    • Can send/receive text messages from multiple devices, including a PC
    • Can make/receive phone calls from multiple devices, including a tablet and/or PC
    • Able to transcribe voice mails into text messages
    • Able to send emails for missed calls
    • Includes a website to track calls and voice mails and mark them as SPAM

    • Cannot access Voice website from office PC (blocked by Admin)
    • Cannot send/receive text messages using Uconnect service in my Jeep
    • Only supports video calling for Hangouts

    So, what are your thoughts on Google Voice? Will it last much longer? Will Google finally kill it all together, or replace it with something else? Is there anything else out there that is similar to Voice, but works much better? Or are you finally done with Google Voice and simply using your mobile number for calls, voice mail, SMS texts, etc.?
    10-24-2016 05:59 PM
  2. anon(8627824)'s Avatar
    Google Voice is a good product and seemed to be on the cusp of becoming a great product.. so I was really dismayed when I heard the direction Google was moving.

    They need to fully develop a device agnostic communication platform, that out performs iMessage. I love that I can use my Google Voice number to get messages on my tablet my phone my computer, and even browser. If they can iron out some of the quirkiness, it would be a jackpot success.

    I hope they don't walk away from it.
    10-28-2016 12:45 PM
  3. Issemann's Avatar
    I wanted to revisit this topic now that Google has announced that SMS support will be removed from Hangouts. This latest development is troublesome, to say the least, as it confirms that Google is moving in many different directions with their communications products (e.g. Hangouts, Voice, Messenger, Allo, etc.)

    I am not wondering if it's just best to port my Google Voice number over to Verizon so that I can enjoy the benefits of using my native mobile number. For example, I cannot enjoy sending/receiving text messages from my vehicle's head unit because that feature only works using the native mobile number - not my Google Voice number.

    Also, while this one is less important, it is quite annoying... The "Recent" section within my Contacts app only shows native SMS messages:

    What's the Future of Google Voice?-screenshot_20170330-105614.jpg

    Any thoughts on porting? Has anyone thought about doing the same? Thanks!!
    03-30-2017 10:59 AM

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