1. musthavemuzk's Avatar
    spring is about here and the plan is to get out on the bike alot more this year.
    just got captivate, waiting for it to be fully functional as i am making the transition to att from alltel. was told early may for this to happen.

    i have been looking tonight for an app to log a track when on the bike as well as when we go for a walk.

    i want to be able to save and export a log so i can look at it in google earth or some other program. not necessary to load to web page to save, but not against that either. might make it easier for sharing and keeping track of progress.
    ones i have looked at and look ok
    AppBrain Android market | My Tracks
    Move! Bike Computer for Android | AppBrain.com
    Ulysse Speedometer - Android app on AppBrain
    iMapMyRide+ - Android app on AppBrain
    iMapMyRun+ - Android app on AppBrain

    the imapmy apps are free at the moment.

    i am leaning towards those or my tracks app.

    what have you used/liked?

    04-01-2011 11:20 PM
  2. exmeaguy's Avatar
    Google My Tracks works very well.
    04-02-2011 10:52 AM
  3. davidnc's Avatar
    I use my tracks too works great for me

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    04-02-2011 05:54 PM
  4. Bolt_of_Thunder's Avatar
    Also check out OruxMaps and Maverick. I researched for gps tracking apps awhile ago also and these two seem to have gotten good reviews. I haven't got to try them out yet though.
    04-02-2011 10:27 PM
  5. MojaveHigh's Avatar
    I've been looking into gps trackers too, but mostly for my car. I care mostly about having a file of data (GPX format) that I can download to my computer for analysis (geeky programmer here).

    My Tracks seems good. It allows you to export the data, but in my short testing it didn't do speed or bearing. It seems to record points every minute.

    SpeedView seems like it is more for cars, not so much for running or biking. I just tried it for the first time around my house and it didn't pick up any movement - will have to try in a car to evaluate it better. It can export in GPX format.

    The one that I have used the most and I know it works well is Instamapper GPS Tracker. It automatically uploads data to its site where you can view it on a map and download it. If you're relatively stationary, it records data once a minute. If you're moving, it records every 30 seconds. It's cool that it is dynamic like that. If you're a programmer, there's an API to get the data. It uses the network to send data.

    I'd rather just have a simple background service that records lon, lat, time, speed, bearing, altitude into a file on my phone. If it could automatically upload this to say Dropbox when I tell it to. That would be great. Otherwise, I would be able to pull the file over to my PC myself.

    It anyone knows of a simple app like that, please let me know.
    04-03-2011 10:39 PM
  6. musthavemuzk's Avatar
    i have been using my tracks with fair happiness. will pick another this next week and try it.
    i used google earth and mapsource from garmin to view the gpx files. my tracks seems to have updates every second when viewed in mapsource. idk if this is a gps setting or a my tracks setting to change frequency of it getting lat/long.
    i have mainly been using it this past week to see time to from work as well as time stopped. as it gives overall time as well as moving time.

    04-09-2011 10:01 PM