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    This is the version that is installed on my Samsung Tab S2 - the preinstalled file manager -
    Google returned a different App in Play store which is Not installed when i searched the exact apps name

    Long story short i am having many many inconsistencies / errors / apps crashing daily Etc on my device that only started 2 months after i bought this device - (all this possibly could be related to a security issue i had last year with a persistant hacker / criminal that has targeted me and broke into my home 3 times in the last 2 years )
    Its driving me demented - so much inconsistencies/ errors but i cant seem to find answers searching online as to what is actually causing all this

    Many apps seem to have very odd permissions / and i cant get info on some apps when i do a search
    IE - " com.google.android.apps.translate:copydrop" - the version of google translate i have - ( it runs for hours and hours/ with up to 6/ 7 different ip internet connections (the copydrop service ) even 6 to 8 hours after i last used the translate app

    Got no reply or result when i posted a question / searched on The Stack Exchange / sites about this

    Same with this topic details -- the few search results were not clear and even had cause for concern re malware warnings and references to Minecraft etc
    AVG ThreatLabs website which lets you "check " about an android app
    Only returned "whoops cant complete your request "error reply when i entered the 2 apps details

    Which doesnt seem logical ???

    Can anybody suggest what i should do ?? In trying to identify the errors / investigate the apps running on my phone -- its so stressfil not knowing - is what is killing me
    Thank you
    11-11-2016 07:36 PM
  2. saki911's Avatar
    And i am getting no response either from here it would seem ,
    11-13-2016 12:28 PM

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