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    I'm using the BlackBerry Hub+ Suite on my Samsung Galaxy S7. Based on a recent article (in CNET I believe) I downloaded Textra as an alternative to the default messaging app.

    I was looking for something that had huge customization options and Textra seemed to fit the bill. After downloading it and using it for a while I was amazed at all of the customization options it offers.

    I absolutely love the app but I've discovered a few issues with its integration with Hub+. I'm wondering if anyone else is using Textra and can confirm if it's just me or if everyone is having these issues.

    1. New messages appear in Hub when they are received on my phone, however, they are already marked as "read" in Hub despite showing as "unread" in the Textra inbox. The message appears at the top of the list (if it is the newest) but the icon is gray instead of yellow and the text isn’t bold.
    2. If I manually mark a text message as "unread" in Hub it remains showing as “unread” even after I do open and read that text message.
    3. If I try to delete a text message from BlackBerry Hub it remains in my Textra inbox, however if I delete it directly from Textra it will also delete from Hub.

    If anyone else can confirm if these issues are happening to you and if you've found a fix I'd really appreciate it.

    11-11-2016 07:46 PM

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