1. -IRON-'s Avatar
    Ive been looking for awhile for a good TV app and so far the best out there was TV.COM but now this has recently came out.
    It is a little rough on the UI but there is alot of content. With wifi or a decent 3g you can get good video. Developer leaves the choice up to you. Dosent restrict to wifi. Vplayer substantially improves watching on unstable 3g to buffer through low bandwith on the go.
    Battery use is next to nothing. Display is what you have to worry about with battery.
    Good responce from developer. Seems to be working hard to get something good going.
    App is free in the market and some shows are viewable to try but whole library is unlocked for 4.99 for a year. Atleast for now. Im sure that will change once things pick up.
    I havent tried yet but some have plugged in with there hdmi and watched on a tv. I caint wait to try on my tv in my van. It could be a nice road trip accessory.
    04-05-2011 07:27 AM