1. kirstyoung's Avatar
    the New TraceSaver App,

    it's free and lets you track your routes, you can make notes of areas with poor network coverage and report them which has massive potential to be very useful and informative
    it provides a complete log of your calls so that you can view where you made them from and other key statistics
    It links up with your computer so that you can view the maps and summary data online!
    If you want to monitor the locations of people either in your business, with their business phones eg sales personnel or taxi firms, it's measured in real-time
    also, great for personal use so that you can keep an eye on your kids without standing over them all the time, giving them more freedom

    have a look on their website for more benefits but it really is worth getting!

    Have a look at it and give you feedback, its free!!!
    04-06-2011 08:53 AM