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    [APP][4.0+][NO ROOT] Car Maintenance v1-iconfull.png

    What is Car Maintenance?

    Car Maintenance is an android application suitable for devices above API level 14 (4.0 ICS). It's purpose is to help the user keep track of his car's service history and condition. User needs to fill in basic information about his car, after that he can fill in his service history. Currently it is up to the user to update his car mileage, and based on the given information the application can alert the user when he is due his service on a given element.

    The user can also add a separate part to another log (tab) which has been changed due to wear or damage.

    In current version v1.0.1 (full); v1.0.3 (trial):
    Information about service supplies/parts can be applied:
    • Part name.
    • Factory numbers.
    • Prices.
    • Dealers. (where the item was purchased)
    • Expenses (change cost)
    • Mileage on which the item was changed.
    • Date on which the item was changed.
    • Item description can be applied.
    • Item photograph can be applied.
    • Local workshop data can be entered.
    • If a local workshop number is provided, it can be dialled with a single click.

    You also get a weekly notification which reminds you to update your mileage.

    Data is stored only on your device. No internet connection required.



    Full Version:

    12-30-2016 03:41 PM
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    Updated to version 1.1.0
    New stuff:
    • Facebook button
    • Added 2 more fields to "Antifreeze" section
    • Edited tabs, now with Icons
    01-03-2017 06:07 PM

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