1. nixie21's Avatar
    is there a app that will show detailed battery use? the stock usage is not good. I need a total breakdown. i used to use about 3% overnight in airplane mode and now use 20%. thanks

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    04-09-2011 07:03 AM
  2. RUSH's Avatar
    I doubt if you'll find any other significant features other than what you're now getting from the pre-stock battery widget (assuming that's what you're using)

    Here is one you could use. Link.

    Edit: You need to find out what's consuming most of your batt power. Do this •> From your home-screen tap menu _ then settings _ about phone _ battery _ then tap battery use, and see if there are any application(s) beside the norm consuming extra battery power.
    04-09-2011 08:16 AM
  3. FreudSlipped's Avatar
    There are plenty of battery apps on the market. I like Battery Widget. It does not show up in the app drawer. You download it and then add the widget to the home page.

    Tap on the widget and this screen is displayed

    Tap on Battery and a list of functions with their usage percentage is shown

    Tap on Android system and a breakdown of "Use Details" and "Included Packages" is shown.

    Example of one function: If you note the run time in the upper left corner shows 2 hrs 17 minutes (2nd image) and Maps shows at 12 percent. At 3 hours 27 minutes Maps was still running and showed 66 percent. I didn't realize it was still running in the background. I tapped on Maps and it brought me to an application screen with the option to force close, Report, or go to Location and turn off gps.
    04-09-2011 10:35 AM
  4. MojaveHigh's Avatar
    Battery Monitor Widget is my favorite. In keeps a detailed log, shows a useful graph and gives you buttons to get to the same stock pages you see in the two images above.
    04-09-2011 12:50 PM