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    Cleaner to WhatsApp This tool enables you to find and delete files sent and received via WhatsApp in order to save space on your device.
    Cleaner to WhatsApp is the best tool to clean or backup your WhatsApp files! It helps save storage space and speed up your Android device.
    Is your Android device running out of storage space or lagging? It might be because of all the extra spaces that your WhatsApp Messenger application is taking up.
    One of the biggest problems of using WhatsApp Messenger is how it uses the internal storage of Android.
    Every time you send an image, video or an audio file. WhatsApp creates a copy of it in the media folder.
    After a period of time this folder becomes bigger and the Android system starts hooking.
    Cleaner to WhatsApp will clean your device of all space consuming WhatsApp files, such as received and sent images, audio, videos, voice notes, profile pictures and other databases taking precious space.
    Our app will allow you to keep your device fresh, fast and clean by either doing a manually select the unwanted files, or delete everything with just one tap!
    ✔ Simple and super Easy to use!
    ✔ Clean dashboard designed to clean WhatsApp data all at one place.
    ✔ Manage received and sent Images, Videos, Audios and Voice notes, Databases, Profile Picture of WhatsApp Messenger.
    ✔ Scan and Delete each specific folder content.

    Cleaner to WhatsApp  2017-288619429.jpg
    Cleaner to WhatsApp  2017-219723919.jpg
    link in google play
    02-04-2017 06:20 AM

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