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    Is anyone using the Extreme Call Blocker app? I downloaded a trial but it sure seems pretty complicated and apparently I can't even figure out how to add my Contacts to the White List. If I open the White List & select Settings there is an option to "White List all Contacts in my phone phone." If I check this box and then go back to the White List my Contacts are not there.

    You can go the manual route and add them one at a time and they do show up in the list but that's a pain. Is there something I'm not understanding here?

    My desire was to find a call blocker app that block calls and not forward them onto my voice mail which Extreme Call Blocker is supposed to do. If I can just figure it out. Lol
    02-04-2017 11:19 AM
  2. Rich215's Avatar
    In the US....you can not stop some telemarketers from leaving voice messages even though you have a call blocking app.

    I just got an update to my Mr. Number....and it seems to work much better now. That is the key....you want an app that dev's are updating as much as possible......not 1 time per year at most.

    With that said.....I use 3 call blockers because I forward my business numbers to my cell almost permanently.

    Mr. Number
    Should I Answer
    White Pages (for ID and other info)

    Good luck....
    02-08-2017 08:36 AM
  3. 1countryboy's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply!

    I had no idea you couldn't stop telemarketers from leaving voice mails in the US. I have briefly been using Extreme Call Blocker's free trial and it seems to have stopped the voice mails but think it's too soon to draw a conclusion. I do agree it's better to use an app that dev's supports and that doesn't seem to be the case with ECB...it's also somewhat hard to setup.

    I also didn't know you could use multiple call blockers at a time like you're doing.

    So maybe Mr Number will eventually come up with a way for stopping voice mails from telemarketers.
    02-08-2017 10:21 AM
  4. vhariton's Avatar
    I love having ECB on my phone. I have been using it for years with great success in preventing unwanted solicitations. The wildcard feature for accepting calls along with the contact list only option works perfectly. I have not migrated to an iPhone because ECB is not available for ios.

    I rarely get a notification or voice mail from a solicitor.
    07-03-2018 03:36 PM

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