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    What is the possibility of a desktop friendly web browser UI? The issue is that there isn't a single browser that offers a HDMI mirroring friendly UI. Opera supposedly has a tablet UI but with no access to it on almost all devices.

    Removing/disabling things like textbox zoom, popping in and out of fullscreen mode, the tab/url/button bars disappearing would be ideal. These are things that you don't see in everyday browsing with a desktop browser.

    First Image- I've attached a pic of a suggested UI. Having a "desktop/standard UI" button in the drop down menu would be a good idea as well.

    Second Image- I've come close by breaking the theme engine on xscope but still have the above mentioned issues.

    Third Image- A comparison of the first two vs Firefox 4 Desktop 2 (800x600 cropped to 800x480). When comparing current browser UI's to Firefox it's obvious that a mirroring friendly UI is needed.
    04-13-2011 02:56 PM