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    Hey everyone, I just got my first android phone (atrix 4g). Im looking for some apps I have on the iphone to put on my atrix, but im having some problems and wondering if you had any recommendations. The apps im looking for are:

    Handy Sign- it let's you fill out pdf forms and sign them using your finger. I use this with clients as I can bring up an empty invoice and fill it out then have them sign it and then email them the pdf for them to print out later. Closest one I could find is called" fill and sign pdf", however it only works for pdfs that have editing fields, wont work because mine are scanned.

    Perfect OCF- This app lots me use the camera to scan documents. It does this by taking 3 pictures and stitching them together to make the best version then it enhances the image by whiting out the background and sharpening the text. After it does that it uses ocr to lable the text so its searchable.

    PAYware- links to my merchant account so I can charge credit cards. The only ones I could find require you to sign up with their services instead of just linking to my existing account.

    Fax burner- allows me to send faxes from my phone and if I need to receive a fax it gives me a temp number to receive. You pay per page, no subscription needed.

    Save 2 PDF- It takes any document and allows me to save it to PDF format, and allows me to import it directly to my dropbox account. I have seen acouple, but none have dropbox support nor are they as extensive as far as format support (save 2 pdf can render html docummnts and microsoft office documents pprfectly when it converts them to pdf form).

    (From webos) Notes- to anyone who has used an iphone, this pretty is the iphone notes program on steroids. It looks almost the same, but it allows to attach pictures, is searchable, and the big thing is it imports and exports to google docs.

    Those are the biggest ones that I need, and that am having trouble finding on android. Thank you for help!
    04-14-2011 03:57 AM
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    Mobile Merchant Pro is a merchant account app that is free without having to sign up for their service.
    04-14-2011 08:59 AM
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    Any luck on an app that allows you to fill out PDF forms?

    I'm trying to find this also. All I have found thus far is "Fill and Sign PDF Forms". It works a little strangely. You use the app to fill in the fields. All the app does is display the fields. Once you have all the fields filled in you can save and view. When you click view it lets you select an app to view the PDF with. When the PDF form displays it does so with the information you entered..... a little strange but it is all I've found.

    I would much rather fill in the PDF form directly. So.... if anyone knows of an app that will allow this PLEASE chime in!
    05-09-2011 10:44 PM