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    Remember this (4 rows)
    The playing field has 4 rows; each row contains 10 dots. At the beginning you have 10 seconds to see the figure which provides you one variant of these dots linking. After that you need to connect dots as well as shown in the figure.
    Remember this (5 rows)
    Plus one additional row

    Schulte table
    One of the most effective exercises for developing attention, concentration and speed of visual search. Also this exercise is the most popular method to increase your speed of reading. The essence of Schulte table is consistent finding of all numbers in the table. Regular exercises with Schulte tables help you to expand your peripheral vision. Wide field of view reduces the time for information searching in text.

    Schulte-Gorbov table
    One of the most popular tests to analyze the speed of attention switching. Psychologists use it for assessment suitability of professions which require high concentration and quick reactions, such as air traffic controllers, train drivers. Red-black Schulte-Gorbov table is a modified version of the single-color Schulte table. You are invited to indicate black numbers in ascending order and red numbers in descending order. The number from each color group, you need specify in turn - first 1 black, then 24 red, 2 black -> red 23 -> 3 black -> red 22 etc

    «Memory matrix» game
    In this game you need to remember the location of the shaded cells and then reproduce them using your memory. One game required you to play with 30 different variants of placements. The playing field and the number of shaded cells will increase every 5 cards.

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