1. magasx's Avatar
    Hello folks.

    Well.. I don't know where create this theme so i did it in here.

    OK. I try short. I had two Samsung Phones. In one i used Viber. When i install in second Phone Viber i used same Phone number. So when i activate viber in second phone i can't used viber in first Phone. When i wanted come back to my first phone & Viber i saw that i lost my history. All messages in chat with friends i talk.

    When i did that i start search info in google. I found that i CAN'T use same phone numbers in two smartphones. So when i used my number in second Phone i deactivated all information in first Phone. Here what i found:

    What will happen if I try to activate Viber on another smartphone with the same phone number?

    You can only activate Viber with the same phone number on one smartphone. If you activate Viber on another smartphone using the same phone number, Viber on your other smartphone will be deactivated.

    So, if you buy a new phone (with the same phone number) and activate Viber on it, Viber on your old phone will automatically be deactivated.
    I not did back up in Viber. What i DID.. Maybe week/two ago i did my phone back up with Coolmuster Android Assistant program. So the question is.. The program that i did back up can help me to bring chat history back? And if there is other way to back up all date?

    All this is really sad because i not know i CAN'T use same number. I used same number when i wanted activate Viber on my Tablet and everything was fine but when i used it on another phone i lost history.

    If somebody know something please share info. - Thanks.
    02-23-2017 05:20 PM
  2. labsii's Avatar
    Maybe someone has used exactly that software so he can share his experience. I am unsure how it works (and not willing to pay its price just to provide the answer here). The big question is if you can restore backup for just one app or you need to restore your complete backup, which might not be what you really want to do. Still you have probably paid for app or possibly got it with the phone, contact their support and see what are your options.
    02-23-2017 07:15 PM
  3. magasx's Avatar
    labsii, that was good advice. Here what i get from Viber support:

    Thank you for contacting Viber support.

    I’m so sorry to hear you lost your message history. Viber can be activated on one mobile device only, and when activating Viber on a new mobile device the old account is automaticalyl deactivated and the messages are deleted. I’m afraid it’s not possible to restore lost message history through Viber; for your security this data is not saved on our servers. Messages and media are saved only locally on your device – once deleted, they cannot be restored.
    Well.. What can i say. I know they saving messages. It's like Vegas. What happens in there stay. I think with Viber is the same. But you can't do anything with that.

    Second sad thing that they not created warning message about this. How the hell i need to know that i can't use same number on second phone?! And mislead was that i used same number on tablet and everything was fine.

    Well.. Case is closed.
    02-27-2017 05:47 PM

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