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    Hello guys, I'm new to video game development, but I've always been delighted with the andoid platform, recently I've uploaded the google playstore my first game for the android platform and soon for ios, I'd love for them to take a walk around there and download it Please give me feedback I would be totally grateful. Thank you.

    By the way, the game is an open world of survival in space, where you have to collect resources to improve your ship and fight against enemies who want to seize your resources, this space is governed by a monster that will not be long in arriving and should Fight it before I kill you.

    The game is free for all and no ads. Ty.

    Belimadh's Space -- Android Game free no ads-cm1xdvv.jpg
    Belimadh's Space -- Android Game free no ads-my3stle.jpg
    Belimadh's Space -- Android Game free no ads-nesaoi7.png
    Belimadh's Space -- Android Game free no ads-xmzr4qe.jpg
    02-24-2017 11:13 AM

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