1. BarbaraET's Avatar
    Pixel with Feb updates in my hand. I have never used Android Pay, it updated today. I decided to open the app to see how it works. The app says I have TWO credit cards in it already and must provide information before I can use it. I have never even opened the app before, how can it already have cards. I MAY have used the phone to buy something, I don't remember, but that is not my habit. I found an item online how to delete a card from Android Pay but those instructions do not work, I suppose because I have not added or confirmed the info already in the app.
    I have not decided to use Android Pay, I'd like to eliminate the info already there until I determine to set it up.
    Thanks for any info
    02-24-2017 01:40 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    At some point your account must have had Payment methods added. You can check out which ones are there (and add, delete, edit, etc.) from your computer by using this link:
    02-24-2017 01:43 PM
  3. BarbaraET's Avatar
    Thank you for that bit of knowledge. And now I have updated the account. Temporary charges occurred with a warranty claim. Charge then credit. Feeling much better with knowing how it works.
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    02-24-2017 02:32 PM
  4. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Was there a tie in to an old version of Google Wallet?
    02-24-2017 03:59 PM
  5. Tim1954's Avatar
    I would set up a separate credit card for just that, and put money in when you need to. That way, if you get hacked, you can't get cleaned out...
    02-24-2017 10:28 PM

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