1. neonalee's Avatar
    Here is a scenario to explain easier: Say I have a health insurance claim and the insurance company says they are waiting for more information from the health care provider. I call the provider and tell them what the insurance is waiting on and they say they will send it today. Now I am waiting. In a week or so I will need to check on this, so I need something that will easily document the situation, steps taken, possibly payments made or other details (who and when talked to) and maybe send me a reminder to check on it.

    I have Astrid but haven't used it beyond a list of simple tasks (call vet, get cat food, etc). Is that the best app for my scenario or is there something better?

    My current tracking method is um ... papers all over my desk at work
    04-15-2011 02:18 PM
  2. DroidyMcDroid's Avatar
    catch notes or evernote maybe?
    04-15-2011 03:22 PM