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    This morning I downloaded a movie via iTunes. (Just to let you know this is not totally moronic as it is where all of my music was managed before I switched to Android and it is my most used payment account) Naturally, the movie is in .m4v format. I downloaded some players from the market, and the ones I tried didn't work. A lot of people recommend FileBrowser. I was ready to download, but the permissions looked a little weird. It asks for permission to see call status, read sms, mms, and email, change the WiFi state, and other doozies. Can some vouch for the app? If it is indeed malicious, any other m4v player suggestions? (I'm willing to do paid apps but not without a recommendation first) I'm using the HTC Thunderbolt, if that helps.
    04-18-2011 10:59 AM

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