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    I'm working as a webdeveloper for over 10 years. For all my projects I'm using Google Analytics to monitor web usage.
    The android market offered some apps but were not right for me, so I decided to create a new app called Analytix. I've just released the app and the first responses are very positive. I've set-up a website where you can find more info about the application. Take a look at Analytix for Google Analytics | Analytix will let you enjoy Google Analytics data.
    The app costs only 0.99 euro and will show you lots of data in a nice and clean way. Hope to receive responses, ideas etc.

    The app is using OAUTH for authentication, soyou have to log in only once.
    Interesting fact: using data from the Export data api will show you near realtime data. (The smalles number for Google Analytics is hourly data)

    The app is available at the market:
    Pro version

    Trial version


    04-19-2011 04:34 AM
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    Just released V5
    I’ve added new time span options to the non-date based tabs. You can select from:
    -data from last year
    -data from last quarter
    -data from last month
    -data from last week
    -data from last 3 days
    -data from yesterday

    The selected time span will temporarily the start date for the query. If you select one of the time spans above, a new query is created and new data is returned. The selected time span doesn’t influence the preferred start date selected in the preferences screen.

    04-20-2011 05:32 AM
  3. sethgoldstein's Avatar

    I love your apps. I recently tried to link it to my Google Apps Analytics and it won't authenticate? Is that in the works?

    Also the ability to be able to view multiple analytics accounts would be awesome.

    05-06-2011 04:27 PM
  4. prjctchris's Avatar
    I bought the app yesterday and have been very impressed! Excellent job on the UI. Given the amount of metrics available I've used a lot of Google Analytics apps that become a mess real quickly. It's still early, but I am leaning towards this as my go-to analytics app on any mobile platform. Keep it up!
    05-08-2011 10:25 AM
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    Thank for the response, been busy lately in adding new features to Analytix. It's a real challenge to implement so many features on such a small screen while maintaining usability and information retrieval.

    Currently also developing for Honeycomb where I've a bit more space

    @sethgoldstein, regarding multiple accounts, I've to take a look at that. I assume you mean multiple gmail accounts. It is possible to use multiple accounts right now as long as the gmail accounts has access to these accounts. For example, I've access to some work accounts where I can see data from sites I've access to. And I've access to a few private accounts.

    If you have multiple accounts, try to add you default gmail address to these accounts so you can get all these profiles from Analytix.
    05-10-2011 09:32 AM
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    Right now, the latest version in the market(just released) will show a tab with barcharts for all date-based Google Analytics queries. I've changed the dashboard in v6.0 although I'm still not completely happy with the current dashboard.



    I'm planning to create pie-charts for the other tabs but I'm still struggling with the locations and available space.
    05-10-2011 09:42 AM
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    So, I've been busy lately Releasing some minor small versions, offering nice features. Today, time for a new release! V8.0 is offering a widget. You can add a widget to the homescreen based upon one of your favorites. It offers several styles and refreshrates. You can choose from a wide range of metrics to show up on your widget!

    Widget with different styles

    Style preference


    Refresh preferences
    05-24-2011 03:11 AM
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    Since the release of the new Google Pagespeed API, I've been working on integrating this great new API in Analytix. Today, I've released a new version with Google Pagespeed integrated.
    Now you can view all kinds of optimizations for your profile.

    The API has just one limitation. It allows only 250 requests a day. There is no way I can base the request on my own key, so you have to create/use your own. This is very easy.
    Take a look at this page for a step by step guide on how to retrieve your own API key and use it in Analytix.

    05-29-2011 06:36 AM