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    I have noticed an issue in WhatsApp chat and I have tried all troubleshooting myself with no success.

    In a group chat between friends, I noticed that one of my friend replied to a message from another friend. I normally read every messages appearing that group. However I realized I haven't read that message for which my friend replied. Hence I wanted to read it. So I selected that message, but instead of taking me to the original message, it stayed with the reply only. I didn't much worry then, as I thought may be it is one off. However I repeatedly started noticing the same happening. I went and checked all my privacy setting, removed that particular contact from my contacts, spoke to him and asked him to send a private message which came. I even factory reset the phone, re-installed WhatsApp. No luck. I didn't block him, he didn't block me. Since then I started observing. During the group chat, we continuously started chatting and surprisingly some of his messages appear and most of them never appear. Same happens when we chat personally one to one... most of it comes but some of them don't. Specially in group chat, most of them never comes or all of them. As it comes once in a while, it is not personal blocking and also we are good friends. I am not sure if someone else has noticed this. May be it is unlikely as people probably will think he is not active in the group chat. One more surprising thing is, when he types, I can see him as typing on the top of the screen - but the message do not reach or appear in my screen. I am not sure if there more cases like this in the group as I am not sure if they are actively sending texts or not.

    Does anyone experience this or any solution, please let me know. Thanks.
    04-05-2017 03:23 AM
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    Moved to the WhatsApp forum.
    04-05-2017 01:17 PM

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