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    Eradoo will let you erase all your phone data remotely when your device is lost or stolen, and without internet connection.

    Eradoo provides multiple ways to wipe automatically your phone data :
    ✓ By sending an SMS
    ✓ When removing the SIM card
    ✓ When replacing the SIM card
    ✓ When the SIM card is blocked (PUK required)

    [ Why use Eradoo ? ]

    * The other similar apps which are used to remotely wipe phone data such as «Android_Device_Manager», rely mainly on the internet connection and on SMS messages. As a result they will fail if your lost phone is not connected to internet and the SIM card was removed.
    Whereas the Eradoo app can wipe your phone data even without internet and even if the SIM card was removed, which makes it unique.

    * Eradoo is a very lightweight app that doesn't run in the background, therefore it does not consume any resources on your phone and it doesn't drain your battery. It stays closed until it's triggered by the selected triggers in settings.

    * Eradoo focuses on destroying your data and protect your privacy as fast as possible before that a stranger or a thief can access your personal information and secrets.

    The only one thing worse than losing your phone is the possibility that somebody else can access your secrets and personal data, such as messages, images and videos... But don't worry Eradoo brings an innovative solution with a 99% guarantee.

    [ Pro Features ]

    ✓ When triggering the remote data wiping by an SMS message, you will receive a delivery confirmation which lets you know the beginning of execution of data wiping.

    ✓ When someone takes out your SIM card and uses his own SIM card, you will receive the phone number of the new SIM card.


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    04-05-2017 05:40 PM

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