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    Today smartphone is like a library which save lots of our personal information, it's important to keep them safe than anytime. Here, these apps will help.

    1. Hide Photos
    Hide Photos is a photo vault to protect your private photos and videos, with password, pattern or fingerprint lock. If you want to keep some pictures and videos safe, hide them from prying eyes, Hide Photos will be a trustable tool.

    Best apps that I have used to protect phone privacy!-1.jpeg Best apps that I have used to protect phone privacy!-6.jpeg

    Key features of Hide Photos:

    Invisible photo vault
    Photos and videos are saved in an invisible photo vault. The photo vault is disguised as a Gallery. Only you know how to enter it. When people open Hide Photos, they will not even know there is a photo vault inside.

    Backup and cloud sync
    Hide Photos supports local backup and cloud sync. So you can recover the photos and videos easily when you change phone or delete by accident.

    Take secret photos
    After open photo vault, you can take photos or record videos directly. They will be saved in Hide Photos and not shown in the Gallery. Ensure security.

    Hide and lock your photos to keep privacy safe. Free download Hide Photos on Play store:

    2. AppLock
    The app itself is a simple, but powerful app that allows you to lock your apps up tight with number password/pattern password/fingerprint, so that snooping eyes can’t see them. This is great if you have nosy roommates, kids, or if you just want some piece of mind.

    Best apps that I have used to protect phone privacy!-privacy.jpg

    Key features of AppLock:

    Lock app
    AppLock can lock SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Gallery, Settings and any app you choose. Secure your smartphone and completely protect your privacy.

    Photo/Video Vault
    AppLock can hide pictures and videos, which is perfect when lending your phone for others. Never worry about your private photos/videos being viewed by other people.

    Fake Cover
    Put a cover like fake fingerprint scanner or force closed message on locked apps to confuse the intruder.

    Prevent install/uninstall
    After you turn on the lock of install/uninstall, other people won't be able to delete apps from your phone without your authorization.

    AppLock is your loyal protector. Try more amazing features now:https://goo.gl/X00hxA

    3. Anole Launcher
    Anole Launcher can hide apps and freeze desktop, protect your privacy from Home. Ensure self-protection like an anole. No more worry other people view your photos, or the kids may mess up phone settings!

    Best apps that I have used to protect phone privacy!-1.jpg Best apps that I have used to protect phone privacy!-4-2.jpg

    Key features of Anole Launcher:

    Hide & Lock
    Hide apps from home screen, lock privacy settings with pattern, helping to protect your devices from snoopers or unauthorized access.

    Freeze desktop
    One tap to freeze desktop, then apps won’t be uninstalled or moved without permission.

    Share phone safely
    Select apps you want to share, then only selected apps are visible on the desktop. Create different guest accounts for any one, so you can change visible apps quickly when in need. No more worry about privacy while sharing your phone!

    Clone and backup desktop
    Duplicate system Home with one tap, more convenient. Backup desktop settings, more safe.

    Anole Launcher makes your launcher safe, simple and sufficient! With so many useful features, the size is only 2.07M. Very light. Download on Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....anolelauncher
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