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    I need some advice about available database-type apps. I volunteer at a local animal rescue organization working as an amateur behaviorist in order to help fearful pets gain confidence and become adoptable. I realized that I needed to keep a journal of what I've done for specific pets. I started off with a basic text file which I later converted to a Word doc for better functionality. But over the years that file has grown too large, becoming too cumbersome and limited for my needs. A database app would provide me with a more flexible solution. I've been researching, trying to find some kind of app that can serve this purpose (and it doesn't need to be an actual DB app). My needs are as follows:
    1. Each record needs to store separate fields for a name, a date, a photo, and a long text description, plus, preferably, a boolean status for adopted/not adopted;
    2. Be able to view a summary list of all records (with the photos visible) as well as being able to view each record in detail;
    3. Be able to sort, filter and search data records by any field;
    4. Have the photos stored in the file rather than as external links;
    5. Be able to access and edit the file on my Android phone as well as my Windows desktop computer (with identical capabilities on both systems);
    6. The file should be stored on a free, reliable server that allows me to access the file both online and offline and control backing up the file (Google Drive is ideal for this).

    Initially, I looked at database apps, some of which are more complicated than I need, but I tried one named Memento. It's perfect on my phone, but when I tried to share it to my computer (via a Google Sheets spreadsheet) the photos show up as just links. Thinking outside the box, I considered alternative apps, such as using an email app where each record would be represented by an individual email stored in the Drafts folder, or using journaling/note-taking apps such as Google Keep or Microsoft OneNote (but they all have limitations such as not allow sorting, filtering or multiple data fields).

    I'm sure there must be the perfect app for me somewhere, but I don't know where. Does anyone have any ideas or, if not, do you know a different forum where I can post this question?
    04-18-2017 12:39 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! It might not have enough of the features you're looking for, but how about Toodledo? Or Evernote?

    EDIT: Also found HanDBase, but the syncing with a Windows machine sounds kind of cumbersome.
    04-18-2017 03:22 PM

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