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    I want an alarm app that has specific functionality, and a cursory search doesn't seem to reveal one that has it.

    #1 ability to play audio files (many have)
    #2 ability to have repeating alarms (day of week) (many have)
    #3 ability to control how alarm plays
    i.e. play X times every Y minutes for Z iterations

    so for instance, if have a 2 minute annoying song, can say play 1 time, every 5 minutes for 4 iterations, so every 5 minutes it will play it once, 4 times.

    if using a ring tone, might say 5 or 10 times every 5 minutes....

    this feature I haven't seen. basically, I dont want an alarm that will play continiously until its stopped (lets say I'm not there, dont want to disturb others for extended period of time) and want it to be able to "pause" in the middle (sort of a built in snooze, if I'm tired and dont want to get out of bed)

    does any alarm app do all this?

    03-03-2010 03:05 PM
  2. spotter's Avatar
    no one has any reccomendations?
    03-04-2010 11:08 AM