1. MojaveHigh's Avatar
    I'm still very new to Tasker, I've set up a few profiles and used some others. I'm still getting into the details of its functionality.

    Could Tasker be used to run a GPS logger? I want a simple toggle icon (like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.). When I click it on, it would start GPS if it isn't on, it would then begin recording my GPS coordinates to a log file every say 5 seconds. When I click it again, it would stop recording GPS to the log file and turn off GPS. I would want this to run in the background. I know Tasker can handle some of these tasks, but not sure about the complete package. As an added bonus, on exiting the task (profile?) it would send the GPS log to Dropbox and/or upload it to GPSies.com

    I know there are many GPS tracker apps out there, but there are many steps necessary to get them to start and stop logging and they contain all the mapping functionality that I don't want in a simple logger. And I also am unable to get Tasker to start the logging part of these apps - I don't even know if it can do that.

    If Tasker can't do this, I'll probably just end up writing my own app (I'm a programmer).
    04-23-2011 07:53 PM
  2. sfehrman's Avatar
    What did you end up doing for this?

    I am looking for the same kind of setup. I have tried GPS Logger (from play market) and tried creating my own Tasker Tasks. But I have had issues with both for reliability.
    I am using an old phone that no longer has cell service. I am having the programs write the current date/time to a text file and then when I get to a wifi hotspot I can then upload that file for me to manipulate the data.
    08-10-2012 05:11 PM