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    I am looking for a really good video camera app that has plenty of controls over as many aspects of the camera as possible. I love my Android devices, and have been an Android user since the days of the G1. As much as possible, I want to stick with Android, but the more I look into a good video camera app, all I can find are some really great apps for iOS. One in particular that I've found is Filmic Pro on iOS. With their latest update, I would be able to shoot in log, various FPS settings, etc. The Filmic Pro app on Android is not as robust and pales in comparison to their iOS counterpart. The closest app I've found with the best controls is Open Camera. It's served me well for the time I've been shooting with it, but I have grown to want more out of it.

    I just tried Cinema 4K, and I do like the smooth control for focus and the flat profile, but still lacking the full features I am looking for which combines both Open Camera and Cinema 4K.

    I've scoured the interwebs for months now and I haven't found one that I like better than Open Camera, or equivalent to iOS' Filmic Pro. Like the app on iOS, I would be willing to pay $15 for the app if it were in direct comparison. I don't want to make the switch to iOS, but every time I search, I am becoming more and more inclined. Help?
    04-19-2017 07:23 PM

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