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    I have Samsung Galaxy S4 and I'm having problem with whatsapp thar has never happened before.
    1. The whatsapp was working fine..
    2. Then one of my friends requested that I resend for her some messages, which were around 150 messages
    3. I copied all the 150 messages and resent them to our group chat.
    4. It took time to deliver all of them, and some of them were not delivered (had that grey colored clock icon still)
    5. After that.. whatever Im sending in whatsapp is not delivered to any person unless after hours of the actual sending time.
    6. Also some of the 150 messages I sent before to that group still were not delivered T.T

    What shall I do?
    I cannot uninstalle the whatsapp because it has important messages I dont want to loose.

    Please help.
    04-24-2017 02:15 AM
  2. BrutalhonestyM's Avatar
    1. First check your internet connection by opening an internet page on Chrome or Internet. Try both Wi-fi and mobile data.
    2. If there's no problem with your connection, you can make a back up of your chats by going to settings> chats> chat back up to google drive.
    3. Then clear app cache by going to settings> applications> application manager> whatsapp and if that doesn't work uninstall and re-install.

    By making an account, you can reply to this post, should you require more info.
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    04-24-2017 06:52 AM
  3. Hezi Green's Avatar
    If you have CleanMaster application on your Android, just get rid of it.
    Just discovered that it causes major delays in Whatsapp messaging
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    02-09-2018 02:25 AM
  4. nirmit brahmbhatt's Avatar
    Ditto problem. Did everything but no change. Please help.
    05-11-2018 03:51 AM
  5. Nitin Ule's Avatar
    Same problem here after I send a message to some 100 people
    02-10-2019 08:24 AM

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