1. quic's Avatar
    Has anybody been able to run ChompSMS on a 2.1 phone? i just updated my Eris and i can't get Chomp in the Market. As usual Handcent is running down my battery and force closing so i want to use chomp like i was using on 1.5. Plus Handcent keeps saying it failed to send messages when it really didn't and thats annoying.

    Never had any problems with Chomp... But it sucks i can't have it now. I'm stuck with the Default Messaging App.

    Anybody know if there is plans to bring ChompSMS to 2.1 sometime soon
    03-04-2010 04:06 PM
  2. TheSultan's Avatar
    Lot of us having trouble with Handcent, I, personally just went back to the native Messaging app. Haven't seen any word on Chomp yet.
    03-04-2010 11:45 PM
  3. quic's Avatar
    ok well an update:

    I contacted ChompSMS and their app does work on the 2.1 Eris but it doesn't seem to be showing up in the market for some reason. They said they would be looking into it but for the time being if you want ChompSMS 3.1 on your Droid Eris 2.1 you need to download it via their website.
    03-05-2010 08:23 AM