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    APP REVIEW - HP ProLiant by The Hyperfactory
    Available in the Android Market

    I seldom get excited anymore when browsing the Android Market, but I did when I stumbled upon the HP ProLiant app. In my day job, I run a modest IT services company and we work closely with HP products and services on a daily basis. As an HP partner, when I saw this app in the market my expectations went sky high. Unfortunately, it was a short lived elation.

    The HP ProLiant app is frankly a waste of dalvik cache. Though it’s shiny and slick looking there is almost no useful functionality. The text in the app is so small that what information is there is rendered almost un-readable and pinch to zoom is nowhere to be found. The Server Configuration section could have been a godsend for IT pros in the field; unfortunately, it is so limited as to be useless. The deals section is modest and out dated. The marketing info on the Xenon 5600 series processors is so brief and high level it appears to be targeted at Best Buy consumers rather than IT professionals. Finally, adding insult to injury, the contact section does not even include links to find an HP Partner.

    I’m hoping that this app gets major updates in the future. I know HP can make a good mobile app; after all they just bought a whole mobile OS. Someone there should know how this is done.

    04-25-2011 09:48 PM