1. Ryan Bigg's Avatar
    Click the bloody no thanks each time you plug it in, it's so simple a concept that I'm certain many of you will be straight baffled. However, besides me being toxic, I love the lullaby @#$% it plays, it's a good feature but you have to give warning in flashing neon letters before auto updating (because no app updates on its own and changes anyways right?), or you're going to confuse and scare the common pleb. Suggestion: make it an option to turn on and off but PLEASE do not remove it completely! I'd put money on there being a healthy sized group of people who enjoy it (or at least aren't losing years of their life over it), who either don't see or choose not to participate in these kind of discussions. Unfortunately, since I seem to be the first post PROMOTING this app, that group will be seen as toxic by the rest as the herald who insulted them.
    People who can't adapt are the problem, not the ones who want to make the world a friendlier place THROUGH YOUR PHONE.
    05-12-2017 07:45 PM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    What exactly are we talking about?
    05-13-2017 12:36 AM

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