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    I have modified an existing QA profile in the organization in its applications display. These are the steps followed:

    Target Device Model: Samsung Galaxy Tab A Model SM-T280 (Android 5.1)

    - Upload the app from the new organization group level.

    - Assign app to the smartgroup within this OU Level.

    -Publish the app in the launcher configuration (To make it visible).

    Somehow, When i am enrolling a device with a proper user, The launcher and passcode & Security profiles are getting applied. But those application that i have recently upload and publish in the console are not getting download and installed automatically.

    If i push the app from the console once the device is enrolled, The app is getting download.

    Can anyone help me to understand what is the issue or missing step i might be doing?
    05-17-2017 10:48 AM

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