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    Hi Android Central community,
    It's JReel31, one of the many members of the site and I would like to share one of my favorite apps from the Android market called Beautiful Widgets. I had started to use this application really on the daily use on my HTC Evo when I had that and had seen it when i was using the original Motorola Droid if I can recall right. This offers measures of customization options to your Android device, such as getting at "HTC Sense clock" to your Moto Atrix for instance. I know a lot of people wonder how/where to get those clocks and apply them to your homescreen. Well Beautiful widgets pretty much takes care of that problem and more. Having clock skins, weather skins, battery skins, layout options, interval updates, these are only a few features of this great app. To add a Beautiful widget from the homescreen you can press and hold on the screen for the options to pop up then add widget or press menu button then add widget. You are then welcomed with a plethora of options by Beautiful Widgets, each has his functionality and options within the one chosen by the user. From here I'm sure you can figure out the rest I hope this video helps each of you as it helped me customize my device to your liking

    Beautiful Widgets(video)

    04-28-2011 10:30 PM