04-12-2010 12:55 PM
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  1. Holly_Jocoy's Avatar
    That bug-eyed racoon and all four of my Twitter client names grouped together so conveniently for my use. Ohh baybeeee!
    03-07-2010 11:34 PM
  2. freedomcaller's Avatar
    03-07-2010 11:38 PM
  3. Emilluminati's Avatar
    Seesmic FTW
    03-07-2010 11:40 PM
  4. WAM's Avatar
    twidroid, gets the job done, updates frequently if not daily, fast, simple, just works!!
    03-07-2010 11:50 PM
  5. robbinsgj's Avatar
    I've tried them all including paid apparently and seesmic is best by far. Hands down.
    03-07-2010 11:51 PM
  6. jricciardi's Avatar
    I've tried 'em all and Touiteur Premium is my keeper...
    03-07-2010 11:58 PM
  7. Acelx's Avatar
    When im on Sense Ui i like to use Peep. Its simple, fast. not a confusing Ui (for the novice users not me) But when im on 2.0 - 2.1 i use Hootsuite its the fastest ive use and it gets the job done.

    But with all these different apps and none of them is perfect im bout to just switch to mobile web soon (just a idea) Twidroid kills my battery and takes to much space while running. idk how you can call that perfect
    03-08-2010 12:07 AM
  8. jcharris08's Avatar
    hootsuite is better then everything hands down imo. It blows my mind how much people like twidroid, i'd rate hootsuite, seesmic, twicca and touiteir all above it. the interface is atrocioius and app is slow.
    03-08-2010 12:14 AM
  9. poet_imp's Avatar
    Like so many others: seesmic
    03-08-2010 12:26 AM
  10. superflush's Avatar
    I think I'll have to say Seesmic for now.
    03-08-2010 12:38 AM
  11. hawonjung's Avatar
    Hands down Seesmic. The best so far!!!
    03-08-2010 12:43 AM
  12. sparda07's Avatar
    My favorite Twitter client is Touiteur its my fav I love how It looks and makes using Twitter on my phone feel as advanced as my phone is its great.
    03-08-2010 01:18 AM
  13. bigonroad's Avatar
    Still think that swift is underated. Surprised by how many Twidroid users there are out there. You know you can get faster and more capable clients for free?

    03-08-2010 01:30 AM
  14. jfleischmann's Avatar
    Twicca for sure. Great UI, clean and minimal; the user defined color bars put it over the top.
    03-08-2010 01:31 AM
  15. RonM#AC's Avatar
    Have tried several apps (like Peep, Seesmic, etc.). They all do their job. I recently switched to Touiteur. So far it's the best I've encountered.
    03-08-2010 02:24 AM
  16. shamefulzero's Avatar
    my favorite is twicca, i love it for the simplicity and it has a widget as a free app unlike the rest.
    03-08-2010 02:30 AM
  17. shebamehr's Avatar
    for me its gotta be seesmic...tried the rest, but for sure stuck with the best!
    03-08-2010 03:00 AM
  18. urban ali's Avatar
    Just got a nice new hero and absolutely love it! I am going to vote for twidroid as that is the first client I used and how I found this competition ... due to trying to find out as much info as I can about android !
    03-08-2010 03:14 AM
  19. Postal Dude's Avatar
    Not been with Android long, but so far Twidroid seems to be the one for me
    03-08-2010 03:53 AM
  20. Minnzy's Avatar
    I've tried a few but I have to say that HTC Peep is the one for me on my G2 Touch. Simple and well intergrated.
    03-08-2010 04:05 AM
  21. lucian1900's Avatar
    My favourite client is Seesmic. I really like the UI, especially the fact that it remembers the position you last were in the timeline. The only thing I miss is identi.ca support.

    Swift is my second favourite.
    03-08-2010 04:35 AM
  22. shotgunbelly's Avatar
    Tweetcaster is very nice in my opinion. It has good functionality for a mobile client.
    03-08-2010 06:21 AM
  23. jansenma's Avatar
    I use Seesmic right now, very easy to switch back and forth between accounts and perform searches.
    03-08-2010 07:02 AM
  24. magnethart's Avatar
    I've only had my android phone for a little while so I haven't had time to check them all out. I was really hoping for something great from hootsuite and maybe after a few updates it will be, but seesmic is really my favorite so far.
    03-08-2010 07:47 AM
  25. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Touiteur hands down.
    03-08-2010 08:18 AM
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