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    Hi, I just bought the D8 smart watch and I have so many problems that all seem to arise from the apps you use with it.

    I first had to google for the info I needed just to change the language, having done that I used the bar code provided, to scan for the app needed to link it to my phone.
    There were two, Fundo App Android and also BTNotification Android(1.1.43).
    I downloaded both. I successfully linked the watch to my phone by bluetooth search (from my phone) and although I was given a key to enter for pairing there was no way to type in the key and just pressing ok seemed to do the trick for connection.

    Fundo App would not work consistently and closed several times a minute. I had to uninstall it as it crashed and my phone kept putting it to sleep due to ENORMOUS battery draining and it just didn't work.

    Next I looked at BTNotification App, seems to work fine, it seems to do all the stuff like messages, calls and notifications and has connected and I can see calls and messages on the watch.

    After a little more searching I found Smartwatch App (7.2.5) by the same producers of BTNotification, this is a health tracker app. It took a lot of attempts but I finally paired the watch to the app. While I was trying to synchronise the info from the pedometer it only picked up the result from one walk I took but later on not the second. Neither did it pick up on my sleep pattern info. it says it is 'Bound' (I guess that means paired) but nothing I've tried moves the pedometer or sleep pattern info over to the app. I've tried refresh data, repairing, there is nothing else, and now the watch seems to have forgotten all the activity data that I could not move to the app.

    So these are my questions....
    1. Is there a better app (like samsung health which does not seem to support this watch, or does it?) that I can use instead?
    2. Is there a proper set of instructions for the watch somewhere (in English that makes sense) that explains what to do to transfer the info to an app on my phone amongst other things?
    3. Do I really need the phone and the watch on me during activity for the pedometer to work? If so what is the point? - Samsung health does that with just the phone anyway, I wanted to be able to leave the phone nearby and just use the watch as a pedometer.
    4. Should I just send my watch back and find a better one? (it has to look nice - not plastic!).

    Really appreciate any help with this issue as I am feeling a little bit stupid believing that this would work simply or at all.
    06-20-2017 07:47 AM

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