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    I want to announce here this app. Image Analysis Toolset, is a multifunctional App that offers many features to analyze pictures. If you have some suggestion or you want to see a new feature, reply to this thread, I will be glad to improve the app according your needs.

    The App now includes

    - Object Identifier:
    To identify elements of a picture and search info about them.

    - Web image detector:
    To find information about the image, searching the Internet for similar images with a cross comparison.

    - Logo Identifier:
    To detect the logo of a product or a service and search related information.

    - Landmark Identifier:
    To detect popular natural and man-made structures within an image and search related information.

    - Optical Text Recognition (OCR)
    To digitize the text of a picture or of a scanned document so you can easily edit or put it wherever you want.

    - Barcode Detector
    Can identify almost all types of barcodes. 1D barcodes: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code-39, Code-93, Code-128, ITF, Codabar; 2D barcodes: QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF-417, AZTEC.

    - Colorimeter
    With colorimeter you can identify a color and see its representation in RGB and HEX notation. The app will tell you the name of the color or the name of the most similar color in case the color tone is uncommon and has no name.

    - Censorship Risk Meter
    This tool allows you to check an image to determine if its content could be censored by automatic system or lead to ban. This feature is useful since many social networks and websites perform automatic checks of the uploaded pictures and could take actions against the user if a critical content is detected.

    A specific feature to detect recipes from a food picture is already in planning.

    [APP] [Free] Image Analysis Toolset-screenshot_1.png
    [APP] [Free] Image Analysis Toolset-screenshot_10.png[APP] [Free] Image Analysis Toolset-screenshot_6.png[APP] [Free] Image Analysis Toolset-screenshot_9.png[APP] [Free] Image Analysis Toolset-screenshot_4.png[APP] [Free] Image Analysis Toolset-screenshot_3.png[APP] [Free] Image Analysis Toolset-screenshot_5.png

    NOTE 1: Unlike others apps that use crowdsources tagging services, that involve people that manually add tags to pictures. The detection in Image Analysis Toolset is entirely driven by deep learning, this means that only advanced artificial neural networks handle the loaded pictures without manual human interventions.
    NOTE 2: Many others features are under development and will be gradually added after the completion.
    NOTE 3: The App is an Android native App that doesn't use bloated pseudo-frameworks, that make the App fat, slow and resource wasting. It adds to your smartphone all listed features with less than 5 mb of storage usage.
    NOTE 4: The App is totally free but there is some ads to maintain the service, and isn't allowed trying to use some ad blocking system if this affect also Ads on the App.
    Google play link:
    06-24-2017 09:36 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing.
    06-24-2017 10:33 PM
  3. SMH17Group's Avatar
    No problem.
    If you have some suggestion to improve It, We are glad to hear. If you appreciate the app, a positive review will be much appreciated.
    06-25-2017 06:46 AM
  4. Son zero's Avatar
    thanks your app
    07-26-2017 01:23 AM
  5. SMH17Group's Avatar
    The App has been significantly improved since the post.

    - Now you can select specific elements from the results list (before the information search was related only to the highest match likelihood ratio label)

    - Web detector will give you even the links of the websites with high matching likelihood ratio, not only related data.

    - You can detect and decode almost every barcode type of the world:
    1D barcodes: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code-39, Code-93, Code-128, ITF, Codabar;
    2D barcodes: QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF-417, AZTEC.

    And much more features will arrive in future...
    08-01-2017 07:04 PM
  6. SMH17Group's Avatar
    Another update released today: 0.0.7 SR17

    - fixed a random crash with certain devices
    - improved argumented barcode scanning
    - updated some internal core libs for more efficiency
    10-04-2017 07:46 PM
  7. SMH17Group's Avatar
    Released version 0.0.9 SR20

    - Added load image from URL feature, to allow you to analyze a picture directly from a web URL not only from camera or gallery
    - UX improvements
    - OCR now can work also in offline mode if no internet connection is available
    10-09-2017 11:10 AM
  8. SMH17Group's Avatar
    Version 0.0.9 SR22 released
    This is a minor update although It adds useful improvements, here the changelog:

    - Add the ability to pass an Image to Image Analysis Toolset directly from Gallery, File Manager and all other apps that support Image picker intents.
    So if you are viewing photo in your image gallery now you can open the picture directly with Image Analysis Toolset to detect the content.

    - If a loaded picture has multiple barcodes, the result shows the data of all detected barcodes not only the data of the first barcode.
    10-10-2017 02:30 PM
  9. Moyzagirl's Avatar
    I just downloaded the app I took a pic of my coffee cup. Where did the pic go? Did it get deleted?
    10-12-2017 01:24 PM
  10. SMH17Group's Avatar
    Pictures analyzed don't remain on the servers. The picture is processed by a neural network that basically reduces it in a feature matrix and convoluted with the data that network has already "learned" before during the training phase, these features are compared to the features detected and the result returned.

    [APP] [Free] Image Analysis Toolset-screen-shot-2017-05-12-8-35-45-am.png

    This system would require a very long description, basically is inspired to visual cortex of biologic brain and simulate with various data matrices and math functions the response that in our brain is done using electrochemical generated signals.
    10-12-2017 02:17 PM
  11. SMH17Group's Avatar
    EDITED...double post....
    10-12-2017 02:18 PM

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