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    I'm looking for a shopping/grocery list app that supports having multiple categories and/or tags per item. I've looked at over 30+ and can only find ones that support one category or tag per item. This is how I would use it and currently do on my WebOS Palm Pre via Shopping Manager - which is not ported to Android

    > I have a list of items that I buy on a regular basis (milk, bread, etc). Each item is tagged with its location at home (Fridge, Pantry, etc). When it's time to make my shopping list, I stand in front of the Fridge, click a button to filter all inventory items w/the tag "Fridge". Then I tap each item I need to buy and it moves to the Needed section. Go to the pantry and repeat with the "Pantry" tag. If there's something that I don't buy regularly (i.e. cinnamon), I can search on that item manually and tag it as Needed.

    > I'd also like a tag based on food (Fajitas, Fudge, etc) so that if I want to get stuff for Fajitas, I filter on the "Fajita" tag then tap a button to add all visible items to the Needed section.

    > Another tag may include store name (Target, Costco, etc). As I'm shopping, I would filter the Needed list based on the store I'm at - if I go to Costco first and they're out of an item that I can also get at Target, then I would leave it on Needed and then filter on Target (when there) and know that I'd still need to get it. Yes, I could create separate lists for each store but why have milk entered twice? If I'm standing at the fridge and need to buy milk, I'd prefer to tap Milk to move it to Needed, instead of opening the Target list, move Milk to Needed, then open Costco list, move Milk to Needed. (Repeat for several items that could be bought at both stores).

    > Bonus would be one that works with my Pebble watch. Grosh supports Pebble as do a few others. I've emailed Grosh developers with the above info as there's no multiple categories/tags per item (that I can find).

    > I'm also using toMarket on my Android as my errand list (I like the UI as it has an easy Inventory/Needed/Shopping Cart frontend) but it doesn't support multiple tags/categories per item. However, when grocery shopping I still take my Android & Palm Pre, as my current grocery list database in Shopping Manager is pretty extensive after 7-8 years of use (multiple categories, stores+aisles, etc). I'm hoping to export the data and import it to the Android replacement app.

    Sorry for the length but wanted to get as many details in here as possible as i'm been struggling finding a suitable replacement for the past 3 years.

    Thanks in advance!

    06-27-2017 11:45 PM

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