1. kathyathome's Avatar
    I don't like the calendar app that came pre-installed on my LG Optimus T. I want an app that I can make notes to myself and apply an alarm date/time in the future, like next week or next month. Simpler the better. So far the ones I've tried have no feature for setting an alarm, they just make a list of reminders like a grocery list. Any favorites?
    05-02-2011 04:04 PM
  2. MsRed's Avatar
    I use AK Notepad and it has a reminder feature. Got it out of the Market.
    05-08-2011 09:12 AM
  3. FreudSlipped's Avatar
    ColorNote does this. I use the reminder feature regularly.

    05-08-2011 10:44 AM
  4. Trekker's Avatar
    Note Everything Pro will do this as well as other features like encryption, automatic back up, etc.
    05-08-2011 12:58 PM