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    Global city guide is new intelligent guide app.
    The app gives you intelligent choices of places in every city to make search easy for you.

    For instance if you are looking for a bank or hospital in case of emergency you just have to click on the banks or hospital, It will display all the banks and hospitals around you with the following information.

    1. Reviews from the people.
    2.Opening and closing status.
    3. Phone number
    4.Exact Address
    5.Directions/route from your place to that particular place you chose.
    6.Route is based on real time traffic with options of most economical route or fastest route.

    With Banks and Hospitals there are 22 other places to choose between that includes

    Gas Stations
    And many more as shown below.

    With this tour guide you can find the exact address,phone number,pictures and instant directions of any place you choose.

    Based on Google Maps Api city guide works anywhere in the world flawlessly.

    Find any place nearby within seconds.
    Never get lost again in the new place.

    global city guide is a complete tour guide with 100's of feature in one app.

    How To Use:

    After Opening the app for the first time,click on update location.Thats it. Know the city from your bed.

    Where To Use:

    1.In your own place, for the fastest route based on live traffic it can save you from Rush Hours.

    2. Just got into new city or place,you will need this city guide to look for any hotels,parks or gym near by.

    3.This is the best tour guide for travellers or people who travel alot.

    4.you can find the address and phone number of a particular bank,hospital,school etc.

    In Short global city guide provides all means of guidance to the users and is not less than a tour guide.You will be needing this anywhere.global city guide is a must have city guide app.



    [Google play][Low traffic/Fastest link]
    07-01-2017 08:01 PM
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    Thank you for sharing your app!

    All app threads must have screenshots and a working link to the Google Play Store.
    In order to post any links and/or images, each member must have a minimum of ten meaningful posts in the non-developer areas of the forums.
    Examples of meaningful posts are helping users answer questions about their devices and/or software or sharing your experiences with your devices, etc.
    The intent here is to have new members spend some time with the community and to become a regular, productive member of the community prior to sharing their own work. Self promotion and/or advertising are prohibited - but contributing members who wish to share a project they worked on can do so, within the developer rules. Thanks.
    07-01-2017 10:08 PM
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    Thanx will do that
    07-02-2017 06:36 AM

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