1. raynoldsk's Avatar
    Can anyone recommend a Twitter client that has a translate feature?

    The official one for iPad has this feature, and I need it, but I cannot find it on the one for Android or any of the other ones I have tried.

    (If it is there and I just haven't found it yet, would someone kindly point me in the right direction?)

    05-04-2011 12:10 AM
  2. jfb336's Avatar
    I think I saw a translate option when I tried out Seesmic.
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    05-04-2011 12:30 AM
  3. raynoldsk's Avatar
    Thanks! I'll try that one and see if it does.
    05-04-2011 12:41 AM
  4. raynoldsk's Avatar
    For the record, Seesmic *does* have a translate feature, but I keep getting an error while it is trying to work.

    I'll go to the app website and see if they have any hints about how to make it work.
    05-04-2011 01:03 AM
  5. anon(21022)'s Avatar

    Or twitplus which is a separate app that works with any other applications - just hit your tweet, share and select the translate option

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    05-04-2011 02:31 AM
  6. raynoldsk's Avatar
    Oh! Twit Plus works just fine! Thank you, thank you!

    Oddly, it says it works best with Twitter for Android, but at least on my phone it causes T forA to force close.

    It works great with Seesmic, though!
    05-04-2011 11:21 AM