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    Color Effect allows you to change a color image on your phone to a grayscale (or black and white) image and then selectively highlight areas of the original photograph to leave in full color.

    Why you should buy this app :

    It has sessions that other smilar apps don't. You can open the app, work on your photo for a while, then save the photo. You can work on multiple photos and save each session so you don’t lose your work when you answer the phone or send a text message.

    It has unlimited undo option that smilar apps don't.
    You can keep working without worrying about making a change you don’t want to keep and having to start over, because Color Effect lets you undo as many brush strokes as you want.

    It supports both landscape and portrait mode that smilar apps don't. You can work on photos in either landscape or portrait orientation, making Color Effect Versatile enough for any photo.

    It provides multiple size options for your images.

    It gives you a new view ooption which lets you to mask your painted area so you can see clearly which parts are colored and yet smilar apps lack of this option too.


    - Save multiple sessions .
    - Undo any number of brush strokes.
    - 4 different brushes (hard or , blur , emboss and opaque )
    - Pinch zoom(zoom with fingers)
    - Alternative 4 zoom option for devices that not support multitouch
    - Scalable brush size
    - Share your images on Facebook
    - Share your images on Twitter
    - Preview mode
    - Masked and colored view options
    - Landscape and Portrait orientation

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    05-04-2011 09:01 AM
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    Update : New icon and new design.
    05-21-2011 03:48 PM