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    Make listening to radio a wonderful, unique experience by installing Radio Morocco. With Over 50 moroccan and international radio stations, Radio Morocco has the best selection of music, news, sports and talk shows.

    Radio Morocco provides some unique features:

    - Beautiful and user-friendly interface (UI)
    - Sleep Timer that will automatically close the application and disable the Wifi Network after a set time period.
    - Radio Morocco can play in background.
    - Radio Morocco auto pauses when an other app player starts playing (device music player, youtube, etc …)
    - Radio Morocco pauses on incoming calls and resumes automatically after calls end.
    - Excellent stream quality with low buffering.

    The sleep timer can be set either before or after you have started playing Radio Morocco. Click on the clock icon, choose a time period and click set timer and start.

    App pictures

    Radio Morocco (android app)-screenshot_2017-07-18-02-38-36.jpg

    Radio Morocco (android app)-screenshot_2017-07-18-02-46-57.jpg


    07-19-2017 03:03 PM

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