1. mageus's Avatar
    Looking for a todo list app with the following requirements:

    - single click to add new item
    - carriage return advances to next item (I don't need multi-line entries)
    - checkbox format
    - easily sort items manually
    - easily dismiss/delete items
    - supports multiple lists
    - sync with Google tasks.

    My priority is efficent data entry and retrieval. What I find annoying about most apps is they require multiple clicks to add/edit items. I just want to turn on my phone, type a new entry, and move on. I don't need fancy colors, multiple data formats (time, locations, geotagging), priorities, reminders, etc.

    Out of Milk does everything I want except sync with Google tasks.

    Any other ideas?
    05-05-2011 02:34 PM
  2. galatians51's Avatar
    Mobisle Notes Pro will do everything you need, I believe! It even has automatic indentation for easy list sorting, great UI feature there... Syncs w/Google just fine.
    05-07-2011 06:59 AM

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