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    Hello Guys, Today in this article i am going to tell you that how you can convert your Android into a PC (Windows 10) in just some seconds. And this is something awesome cause it's gives you an amazing experience of using a Windows OS PC because of it's Super cool interface.

    This app is basically a Launcher which will give you the Look & Feel of using a Windows 10 desktop pc on your Android Phone. It almost look like Windows 10 And Remember You Can Also Use This App In Landscape Mode To Get More Real Experience.

    It has a Start Menu which look exactly like Windows 10 start menu where you can get all your android apps. You also get settings options like wifi, Bluetooth, flash, kill task, data, etc awesome settings & Messaging, Call & Browser Apps on the taskbar which make this Launcher more Easy to use. Also i never found any issues or bugs with this app and i am using this Launcher as my primary Launcher for around 4 days, So it's definitely not an issue to use this Launcher on daily basis.

    It also has a file explorer like the windows 10 file explorer Where Local Disk "C" is your phone's internal storage & Local Disk "D" is your external sd card And the cool thing is that it also have a recycle bin like any other windows os which makes the user experience more real. When you delete any file it will first go to the recycle bin then from there you can restore or permanently delete it. To restore files from recycle bin you just have to cut or copy the file and paste it wherever you want. You can also change the pc name to whatever you want to keep. It's just a few things I have told you about this awesome app, You will get more when you explore!

    Download App https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...op.ui.launcher

    Video Tutorial
    (Check Out Video To Understand Better)

    07-31-2017 03:08 PM

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