1. Lungesoft's Avatar
    Hi everyone!
    Sorry that I'm so late in the trending topic!
    It took a long time to get out of my cave into the civilized world lol

    Recently decided to develop a Spinner flashlight app and I did it.

    You can turn on your phone flashlight by spinning popular not already very trending Fidget Spinner!

    While your spinner is spining you can listen public domain music "In the hall of the mountain king"

    [APP] Fidget Spinner Flashlight-screenshot_20170802-191950.jpg [APP] Fidget Spinner Flashlight-screenshot_20170802-192015.jpg
    [APP] Fidget Spinner Flashlight-screenshot_20170802-192017.jpg [APP] Fidget Spinner Flashlight-screenshot_20170803-154634.jpg

    Join my app lol
    P.S. Sorry for little ads banner inside it.

    Google play: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lungesoft.flashlight
    08-03-2017 10:28 AM
  2. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your app!
    08-03-2017 10:55 AM
  3. Doug Moffat's Avatar
    Thought about a paid version?
    08-03-2017 11:19 AM
  4. Lungesoft's Avatar
    I think, that in-app purchases more flexibility, then versioning pro/lite
    08-03-2017 01:06 PM
  5. dumbledown's Avatar
    Just played it, well done:

    Things I like:
    - simplicity
    - scoring
    - music

    Things to think about:
    - have pb score, with feedback if breaking it (e.g. bright screen - satisfying sound)
    - share pb score with friends
    - have highscore table
    - I'd keep free with ads, get as many users as possible then use it as marketing for other apps that may be easier to monetise

    Thanks for sharing
    08-03-2017 01:48 PM
  6. Lungesoft's Avatar
    Thanks for your feedback and advice!

    I'll probably think about highscore table
    08-03-2017 02:03 PM
  7. dumbledown's Avatar
    I'd definitely have a personal best - something for someone to aim for and something that they can share with friends (not just everyone) to try and compete

    Might be easier in the first instance than a leaderboard anyway - but just a thought
    08-03-2017 04:28 PM
  8. Lungesoft's Avatar
    It occurred that the disable flashlight button was pressed by default when the application started on.
    Fixed it (new version is 1.3.2).
    08-04-2017 03:00 AM

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