1. mikehalfogre's Avatar
    Im not looking for a game, but if its possible to use the camera to watch someone bowling, and process the video to build a track map of where you are throwing the ball and what its doing on the lanes. Not sure if its possible, lots of factors -- and it might require a bit of processing by the phone. Just curious if it is something that is possible.
    05-08-2011 10:34 PM
  2. s0n1c's Avatar
    This idea sounds really cool (especially since I'm a bowler), but I don't know much about app development. I think the hardest part would be for the camera to identify the ball and the spots on the lane, especially since I could imagine each user would be standing at a different angle in relation to the bowler, the lanes and the pins. Detecting ball speed seems possible, but rev rate would seem impossible because every bowling ball is different and there's not always a quick visible reference point for the camera to detect on the ball when it's rotating. I'd like to look into this more though. Maybe someone around can help us with what would be involved with the camera.
    05-18-2011 08:45 AM

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