1. luvdldy#AC's Avatar
    Can we really get a thread going here for the Agendus PIM. I had it on my Palms and it is SOOO necessary for me!

    Until then is there a PIM out there I can use...aargh!
    03-15-2010 10:01 AM
  2. pmdied's Avatar
    Been hounding Iambic for months. Unfortunately, there isn't an app with full integration like Agendus....yet. The dev from Pure Calendar is working on something similar. Check out the forums over at Iambic and you'll see that they are not committing to any type of time frame but its "on their radar". Android is relatively "new" and its multitasking OS is very complex, unlike Palm's. It might take them a while to get something together; they're still trying to get Agendus for iPhone perfected. But I think with the rapid adoption from the public of Android devices, companies like Iambic will put more effort into Android development.
    03-15-2010 02:16 PM