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    I realise that streaming music is all the rage these days, but I'm someone who prefers to keep all my music offline on my SD card (No need to add unnecessary internet dependency as I see it).
    So here's my question. Is there a good player out there that's available for both Windows and Android that is able to read local music files and sync Playlists (As in playlists alone, not files) automatically online?

    I'm coming from Windows Phone so naturally I've been using Groove and it's been working just fine. I then tried Groove on Android only to find that it does not read local music at all (Sigh... really Microsoft?). The only way to make it work with Groove as I see it, would be to upload all my music files to OneDrive and then make them all available offline on Android. Sadly they'd all be wasting internal storage and they'd all be encrypted somewhere in Internal storage/Android/data/com.microsoft.xboxmusic/files/XMDC, preventing any other app from reading them (Sigh... really Microsoft?).

    So there... I'd like to find an alternative that would read my music from SD card and also be able to sync with my playlists on PC. I'd really prefer not having to re-create all my playlists on Google Music or whatever. Is there such a player or am I asking for the impossible and should just deal with what I've got?
    09-02-2017 07:04 PM

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